Getting Organized

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions. -Barbara Hemphill

I can be such a bad procrastinator it’s ridiculous sometimes. I don’t know how I can expect to get anything done waiting til the last minute to begin. So I’m making a conscious effort daily to consistently stick to my to do list until it becomes complete. There’s one thing I know for sure…. and that is that I live too much in the future to ever get things done efficiently. So here are a few tips to help me do better in managing my time and getting and STAYING organized.

Tips to Staying Organized:

  • Make a to do list list for each day
    • Instead of planning in advance like many of us normally do or have heard to do, make a plan for each day. This helps in us taking care of the priorities sooner and putting off things that can wait.
  • Stick to the list and complete it.
    • Now for me this can be the tricky part. But as long as I stick to the list and not change or add things to the list I should be good to go. 😉

Here’s a sample of what my day by day to do list will look like. The key is to put things on the list that can get done THAT day. Don’t put anything on your list that can wait until the next day, week or month. Keep the main thing the main thing!

May 13th

  • Make a meal plan
  • Buy groceries based on the meal plan
  • Cook one of the meals from the meal plan
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Read my bible for at least 30 minutes

Now see that wasn’t that bad!! This may not work for everyone and is not intended to. This is just something I feel will definitely help me and decided to share with others. Keep me posted on if this helps and in what ways you tweaked it to make it fit to your personal schedule.

Peace and love.

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