What Will Your Harvest Say?


It’s always good to hear that whatever you’ve been working so hard for, praying for, crying for, believing for etc. is going to pay off soon. It’s a great motivator. It’s that extra encouragement or boost you need to keep moving forward. It’s like you’re running that last stretch and you’re 2 seconds away from passing out on the ground and giving up but that person comes up behind you and gives you a pat on the back and tells you to keep going. That’s what hearing that it’s harvest time does for me. What about you?

But the truth is, harvest time happens a lot more times than we think. We reap our harvest through certain events in our lives as a result of a past seed(s) that we’ve sown. Well duh, we know that right? Well the bad news is, the seeds we sow are not always “good” seeds. **(Insert scary music and shocked face here.)**

When you picture the atmosphere what do you see? How big is it? Is it gigantic? Or maybe you think like me and you picture the galaxy with all of the stars and planets. Either way I think we can all agree it’s pretty huge. The point is, the seeds that we sow through our actions and our words penetrate the atmosphere and transform into a boomerang that makes it way back into our lives. And if the atmosphere is as big as we imagine it to be, we can assume that’s why some things long forgotten show up years later in our lives and maybe even through our loved ones.

That leads me to ask…. what seeds are you sowing?

On a few encounters throughout my church life, whenever a pastor shouts it’s harvest time, many people will shout, praise and cry because they’re anticipating that maybe this time God is really going to move. He will answer those prayers, he will dry those tears and replace them with joy and laughter, he will send the jobs, cars, husbands, wives and children because of the seeds we’ve sown.

But what happens to those other seeds? The seeds of complaining, arguing, gossiping, lying and all of the other things we do and say that isn’t pleasing to God. Those seeds have to produce as well. Those seeds will produce a harvest too. And if you’re thinking anything like me you don’t want those seeds to grow and produce a harvest that interferes with the “good harvest.” Right? So what do you do?

Well the unfortunate news is, you can’t go back and change what has happened in the past. (If only we could, right?) You can’t take back the words sown in anger, frustration and hurt. You can’t erase the time you flicked off the driver that cut you off, cussed out the lady that made you mad in the grocery store, you can’t even take back the time you smacked your child because that was the last straw. But you can make a choice to do better today. You can choose to respond in love rather than yell in anger. You can choose to ignore ignorance rather than get caught up in unnecessary drama. The good news is, you have control over what you do from now on. You can repent from past mistakes and turn in the opposite direction. Today is in your hands!! (Cue happy music here.)

Will you make the choice today to sow seeds; seeds of love, positivity and prosperity?  Or will you continue to sow weeds? You know my motto, the choice is always yours.

What will your harvest say?

Peace and love.

I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plow up the hard ground of your hearts, for now is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and shower righteousness upon you. -Hosea 10:12 (NIV)

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